About Company

The company is located in the business centre Bodi Boljši d.o.o. in Straža pri Mislinji, Koroška, Slovenia. We are operating all over Slovenia, and also across the borders.

We also advise customers at home (only in the country, where the company is located).

We cooperate with numerous importers that have a well established purchase from abroad and years of experiences. Due to establishment, quantities and direct access to information, without excessive advertising, we can offer our customers the best product for a great price.

Years of experiences have helped us built a trustworthy relationship with the customers, which are rewarded with reliability. On the market is the brand Bodi Boljši d.o.o. a sign of mutual respect and exemplary business relationship.

About the weBBag tool

This tool will ensure a bigger recognition for companies / associations / organisations. It will ease the workload, lower the cost, and increase the recognisable and commercial effect.

Because it is easy to use, the users can manage the content by themselves.

With the help of modules the tool enables other settings and managing of e-mail, news feed, e-mail marketing, events, gallery, online store and business. The tool weBBag offers useful and effective modules. One of the most important things is the control you have over your website, its efficiency, and the visitors on your website.

Meet our team

We are working with people that can see one step ahead, and we are creating beautiful, honest and amazing things that bring positive results.

Branko Burja

Branko Burja

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Danie Jaušovec

Daniel Jaušovec

CTO - Chief technology officer